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ACUMIX Model AQD mounting options.
ACUMIX Model AQW mounting options descriptions and drawing links.

Open Tank Designs:
Fixed Mounted Mixers - Base plate & Angle Riser Designs:

ACUMIX Model AQOW:  Fixed mounted open tank.  Mixer shaft coupling is located below the mixers mounting base.  Used most often to mount to beams, tank top or lagged into concrete support.  See drawing links. 
ACUMIX Model AQOW base plate mount
ACUMIX model AQOW angle riser mount  

Fixed Mounted Mixers - Base plate & Angle Riser Designs:
ACUMIX Model AQPW coupling above mixer base pedestal mount
Closed Tank Designs:
Each of the following closed tank options are designed to mount to a mating standard 150# ANSI flange assembly, although other flange options are available.  Each design can be mounted using either a "vertical on tank centerline" or an "angular offset" mounting arrangement.   

Hermetically Sealed Lip Seal Design: 
"Lower Headroom" closed tank hermetically sealed for at or near atmospheric conditions.  Mixer shaft coupling is located below the mixer mounting base.  See drawing link.  
ACUMIX Model AQHW hermetic seal hermetically sealed mixer

Stuffing Box Seal Design:
ACUMIX Model AQSW:  Closed tank stuffing box designs with a working range of 0-30 PSIG.  Pedestal mount locates the mixer shaft coupling above the mixers mounting base.  See drawing link.
ACUMIX Model AQSW stuffing box mixer

Mechanical Seal Designs:
We do not offer an ACUMIX Model AQW mechanical seal design.  Instead we would recommend using the ACUMIX Model AQMD design.  


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