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ACUMIX Portable Mixers:  How to select a portable mixer for blending, dilution (dissolving), or heat transfer.  Determine the volume (gallons) of fluid to be mixed.  Next, to select your portable mixer, determine the viscosity and refer to the tables (charts) below.  We have listed below a table of typical viscosities for various liquids for comparison.  If you have difficulty determining or estimating your fluids viscosity, call us for an evaluation of your application.


Blending Table: Viscosity vs. Tank Volume
Tank Volume, Gallons
25 50 100 200 500 1000 2000 3000 5000
1 D25 D25 D33 D33 D50 G25 G25 G50 G75
100 D25 D33 D50 D50 G25 G25 G33 G75 G100
250 D33 D50 D50 G25 G25 G25 G33 G75 G150
500 D50 G25 G25 G25 G33 G75 G100 G150 G200
1000 G25 G25 G33 G50 G75 G100 G150 G200 G300
2500 G25 G25 G50 G75 G100 G150 G200 G300
5,000 G25 G50 G75 G100 G150 G200 G300
15000 G50 G75 G100 G150 G300

Blend times are generally 5 to 15 minutes.  D = Direct Drive (See AQ Models), G = Gear Drive (See AQG Models).   

Viscosity (centipoise) of Common Liquids

Water 1 Olive oil 100 Glycerin 1,500 Mascara <5,000
Gasoline 8 SAE 40 oil 250 Ground Apples <2,500 Corn syrup 5,000
Kerosene 10 Glucose 500 Soybean slurry <2,500 Tomato Paste 5000
25 Latex paint 500 Catsup 3,000 Mustard  <11,200
Sour Cream 32 Yogurt  900 Molasses 3,000 Mayonnaise 50,000
Blood 50 Castor oil 1,000 Honey 5,000 Nylon Resin Melt 100,000
SAE 10 oil 60 Glycerol 1,500        


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