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ACUMIX, Inc., manufacturer of top quality mixers, is located in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch Country. Our complete lines of mixers are manufactured in the USA with pride and dedication. Our lineage stresses precision and quality in each of our products to ensure durability; a refreshing alternative to products designed with planned obsolescence. We maintain consistent & diligent levels of excellence in manufacturing, design engineering, and product development, on par with internationally accepted standards. Our highly skilled and dedicated network of mixing specialists takes pride in providing solutions to your mixing requirements. We have earned our reputation of producing top quality equipment. Let's face it. There just isn't the manpower to nurture rotating equipment anymore. ACUMIX dares to be unique in understanding these needs. Our response was to come up with new product line concepts, product flexibility and unique features.

As mixing specialists, we work closely with our customers to outline the requirements of each mixing application. Once the key parameters are determined, a mixer configuration can be recommended. We provide cost estimates for this equipment, recommendations for material suitability, detailed dimensional information including approval drawings, lead time estimates, recommendations for mounting orientations, technical information or specifications, optional design configurations, equipment start-up, and engineering design information for overall system considerations. We can also provide a technical evaluation on existing mixing applications, regardless of the manufacture.

Just about everything that surrounds you requires a mixer, in some sort or another. As such, just about anyone is a potential customer. Our customers, in general, are manufactures, distributors, municipalities and end users of all types.

"To provide mixing longevity, at a reasonable price, by making an informed choice." After all, the name of the game is VALUE - Price in relation to features and benefits.

QUALITY ASSURANCE (Applicable standards from the following):

American National Standards Institute (ANSI)
American Gear Manufactures Association (AGMA)
American Society for Testing & Materials (ASTM)
American Welding Society (AWS)
Anti-Friction Bearing Manufactures Association (AFBMA)
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