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Adobe data documents are rather large and as such require time to download from the server.  Please be patient when downloading these documents.

If your Adobe Acrobat Reader is a prior or older version, an error may result in the download.  It is for this reason that you should download the free upgrade.

INSTRUCTIONS:  After you select the below listed Adobe Acrobat link, go directly to the bottom of that first page.  Under step 1, select the English Language and then select a platform, such as Windows 95, 98 or XP, etc.  Leave Step 2 Blank.  Then hit download.  It is probably best to download the file to your hard drive (create a separate envelop for your drivers).  When you click on that downloaded file, it automatically unzips, and installs automatically.  You are now ready to read *.pdf files.       

Link hear to down load the Adobe Acrobat Reader

Why should I download the Adobe Acrobat Reader

The Adobe Acrobat Reader is quickly becoming a universal standard for transmitting documents electronically.  It has the following advantages:

Microsoft Excel & Word documents, CAD drawings, and just about any document you can think of can be transformed into a *.pdf file, if you have the primary program.  All the receiving individual requires is the latest version of the  Adobe Acrobat Reader to be able to read the original document.
The Adobe Acrobat Reader is available for download on the internet free of charge to anyone that wants its, which makes *.pdf documents virtually universal.
When you print out the *.pdf file, you are printing out an original, which is superior to most faxed documents. 
*.pdf documents cannot be manipulated, although they may be scanned.  A word document, for example, can be manipulated, and is cannot be considered an original. 
Since the document is universal using the Adobe Acrobat Reader, it is not necessary to concern yourself with software compatability.     

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