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Model AQ Mounting Design Options.
ACUMIX Model AQ mounting options descriptions and drawing links.

Swivel Mounted Mixers - Clamp & Cup-Plate Designs:
Open tank swivel mount.  Assumes no tank lid or top to constrain required final agitator shaft adjustment location.  Tank anti-swirl baffles are not required assuming optimal orientation is achieved.  See drawing links.    
Model AQ economy open tank swivel clamp mounted mixer.  
Model AQ economy open tank swivel mounted cup plate mixer.

Bung Mounted Mixer Design:
ACUMIX Model AQB:  Twist bung mount, open tank.  Used most often to mount to 55 gallon drums or barrels, and plastic containerized batch tanks.  See drawing link. 
ACUMIX Model AQB bung mounted mixer.

Fixed Mounted Mixers - Base Plate or Flange Design:
ACUMIX Model AQO:  Fixed mounted open tank.  Used most often to mount to tank lids, tank tops or lagged into concrete supports.  See drawing link. 
ACUMIX Model AQF flange or base plate mount


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